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In the past, I wrote a number of articles on Medium, including straightforward comparisons of coins in a given space or sharing a given theme.

Now, I write and produce educational, philosophical, and explanatory content for numerous products. These range from technical tutorials for advanced audiences to comics for the general public:

As a web and full-stack developer, I’m responsible for projects such as the website and involved in several blockchain development projects.

Check out a very new hobby project with multi-chain capability at! It’s not quite done yet – I just have to put the pieces together to display the final mosaic, and that requires a bit of free time. Soon™️.


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Neither of those mention philosophy much. After all, many people in computer engineering and other sciences think philosophy isn’t worth much.

But if we’re going to change the world with blockchain, we’d better think about what kind of world we want to create. Reforming the world with no plan sounds like a terrible idea.

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